Our subsidiary, B2P Mentoring, supports your business by helping to bridge the gap between formal training and commercial application of skills. There are four key programs offered by B2P Mentoring to help both new and existing financial planners.
  1. Broker to Planner Program to transition Mortgage Brokers to Financial Planners;
  2. Accelerated Familiarisation Program to transition experienced advisers to HNW Planning from another licensee;
  3. Business Maintenance Program is the default program for the maintenance of a compliant and commercially successful business; and
  4. Business Improvement Program to take an existing and successful financial planning business to consistently higher levels of best practice or specialised skills and as a result to optimise its commercial outcome.
New Financial Planning Adviser Directions


Your education and personal attitude are the core building blocks for your professional success.

ASIC approves suitable courses for different professional designations. These courses might be delivered by Universities, TAFE or Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

RTOs are often the most convenient means of providing adult education. Each RTO has different timing, class schedules, and value propositions. Those specialising in Financial Services and with whom we have become familiar include:

Intellitrain – www.intellitrain.com.au

AAMC Training – www.aamctraining.edu.au

Financial Planning Training


Our subsidiary, HNW Planning, is an Australian Financial Service Licensee (AFSL).
Financial Planners in Australia are required to be either an employee representative or an authorised representative of an AFSL.
HNW Planning was established in 1999 and granted its AFSL in 2001.
It is now a boutique Licensee with a specialised service offering for Mortgage Brokers and Accountants transitioning to financial planning as well as support services for existing planners.
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HNW Group Holdings Pty Ltd is an Affiliate Member of Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) Limited. Member of Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) Limited